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What is Four Dirty Feet

all about?

Four Dirty Feet is a teaching, living abroad and travel blog where we share our experiences living and working in South Korea and our attempt to see more of the world. We want to share our journey and hopefully inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, experience the world and get their “feet dirty”.


Who’s behind Four Dirty Feet?

Steven Webster Four Dirty Feet

Steven Webster, a free spirited small town boy from South Africa attempting to find his place in the world. Passionate teacher and lover of the environment, with a healthy addiction to all things sport.


Hayley Knight Four Dirty Feet

Hayley Knight, a Kenyan raised South African Biology teacher. Passionate about Education, living mindfully and experiencing the world.

How did it all start?

Steven, after attempting a few degrees and spending a few years at University of Stellenbosch, finally qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Developmental Management. A big dreamer, Steven was ready to tackle the world and grab any opportunity the South African job market threw at him. Unfortunately, the opportunities were far and few.


That was when Steven started exploring other options and stumbled upon the opportunity to teach in Asia. South Korea seemed appealing to Steven’s adventurous spirit and within a few months he was officially the new native English Teacher at an elementary school, in a rural Korean town. Steven lived a real bachelor lifestyle in his first year, truly embracing the Korean Culture of good food and soju. Little did he know, fate had other ideas for him.


Meanwhile, Hayley had just completed her Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in Cape Town, South Africa. She knew she wanted to teach but she wasn’t quite ready to settle into a comfortable job and begin her career. She wanted to see more of the world. She looked into teaching in other countries and decided on South Korea (a country she never expected to travel to). While researching South Korea a friend gave Hayley the number of a guy who was already teaching there. Yes, you guessed it, the guy was Steven. Steven was very helpful and amiably answered Hayley’s incessant questions. A few months later Hayley arrived in the small town of Taean, South Korea where she met Steven. While it was quickly established that they had mutual friends back in South Africa it was only a few weeks later that they discovered the girl who had been badgering him with questions a few months before had ended up in the same town as him.


After a few awkward meetings, the pair quickly struck up a friendship. On the surface, they seemed hardly compatible, but they realized they shared the same dreams of travel and love for educating young minds. Their friendship soon grew into something more and inspired by one another, they set out to lead a different lifestyle with the dream of travelling the world. The couple wish to share their vision of living life to the fullest, loving and inspiring others.