Boseong Green Tea Plantation and Yulpo Beach

The town of Boseong is found in the province of Jeolla on the Southern coast of Korea. As one of the most famous green tea producing regions in Korea it produces almost half of the country’s green tea. The slope of Mt Hwangseong displays the largest and most frequently visited tea plantation in Boseong

known as the Daehan Green Tea Plantation.

What to do there?

A short walk along a path, pleasantly shaded by tall cedar trees, and a small entrance fee (₩2000 or around $2) brings you to the tea fields. The slopes of the mountain contain rows of neatly trimmed tea bushes separated into terraces. This creates a striking view from the top of Mt Hwangseong which is accessible by a beautiful walk containing various viewing platforms and areas where you can walk through the rows of tea bushes themselves.

Boseong Daehan Green Tea Plantation South Korea

After walking through the tea fields stop for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants with a view of the tea fields. Although a bit pricier than average Korean restaurants, the menus offer unique green tea twists on traditional Korean dishes.

Sit under the cedar trees to enjoy some refreshing green tea ice cream or visit the tea shop where you can sample some of the tea made from leaves grown just meters away.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the gift shops bursting with green tea goodies. This is a perfect opportunity to buy some green tea leaves, green tea lattes or green tea chocolates for friends and family or to share with your co-workers at school.

Grean Tea Ice Cream Boseong Daehan Green Tea Plantation South Korea

Where to stay?

The town of Boseong itself contains various accommodation options including minbaks (homestays), inns or hotels. However, a short bus ride from Boseong is the small seaside town of Yulpo which offers a more scenic and relaxing place to spend the night. Although nothing special, accommodation can be found on the Korea Tourism website.

Restaurants in the area also offer a specialty known as Nokdon Samgeypsal (grilled pork from pigs fed green tea leaves). This, although very tasty, is not significantly different to typical Korean Samgeypsal. Also, be sure to visit the local green tea baths (Yulpo Haesu Hogchatang) for a green tea soak with a sea view.

Boseong Daehan Green Tea Plantation South Korea Woman picking tea

Yulpo Green tea baths (Jimjilbang)

In the small seaside town of Yulpo, a short bus ride away from Boseong, a green tea bath house (Yulpo Haesu Hogchatang) can be found on the beach front. Enjoy a soak in hot baths infused with green tea leaves while overlooking the ocean.

When to go?

Although the Daehan green tea plantation is open to the public all year round the best time to visit is during the warmer months between May-September. The Boseong Green Tea festival is held every May if you are interested in green tea-picking and other cultural activities. The Boseong Green Tea Light Festival also runs during the colder months between December and January offering a chance to see the tea fields lit up by thousands of lights on crisp winter evenings.

Boseong Daehan Green Tea Plantation South Korea

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to the Boseong tea plantation is by bus. Depending where in Korea you are coming from you may need to transfer in Gwangju (광주). Buses for Boseong (보성) leave from Gwangju (광주) every 40~60 minutes and take about 1.5 hours. Once you get to the Boseong bus station you can buy a ticket to the Boseong green tea fields which run from 6:00 to 17:45 every day, leave every 20~60 minutes and cost ₩1000 (around 1$).

For more info check out the Visit Korea website.

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