Yuseong Hot Springs and Foot Spa

In the center of Daejeon lies the Yuseong Hot Spring (유성온천지구), a little oasis that provides the public with a natural foot spa. The spring water originates about 300m underground, giving it a slightly hot temperature (26°C - 56°C). The water also contains alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, sulphur and unusually high levels of radium.

daejeon yuseong foot spa four dirty feet

The spring is believed to have healing properties and is used to treat neuralgia and geriatric (old people) diseases. This may explain the large numbers of ajusshi’s and ajumma’s (older men and women) which frequent the foot spa. The healing properties of the spring water stem from a legend of a wounded soldier. During the end of the Baekje Kingdom the wounded soldier returned home to his village in Yuseong. His mother saw a white crane dip its injured wing into the hot spring water and become healed. She took her son to the spring and he too became miraculously healed.

yuseong foot spa daejeon four dirty feet

While the 4 outdoor baths provide free access to the healing water, you can also enjoy it from the comfort of various hotels in the area. The Riviera, Hongin and Yuseong Hotel spas are highly acclaimed.

How to get there:

Yuseong subway station, take Exit 7. Walk straight and turn right at the first traffic light.

Take bus no. 102 from the Daejeon express bus terminal.

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